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How much machining time can you save when switching from a metal to a graphite pressure seal?

pressure seals for bonnet valves

Replacing a metal pressure seal is never easy, but replacing it with a VSG Graphite Pressure Seal can save you lots of time and tons of machining hours.

Typically, the metal seal is actually fused to the valve cavity. That’s how it works. So, when the metal seal is removed from the cavity it has to be machined to give it that pristine finish that’s needed for metal seal replacement.

Not so with the VSG Graphite Pressure Seal. Graphite is flexible enough to conform to uneven cavity surfaces so machining is rare. It can seal steam cuts up to .030″ x .080″ across the entire sealing surface and the VSG can reconcile out-of-round occurrences of up to .060″.

How much machining time can you save? Based on customer supplied data, when replacing a metal seal, it takes roughly 14 hours to machine the metal pressure seal and the valve cavity. Then there’s reassembly.

On the other hand, when replacing a VSG Graphite Pressure Seal it only takes 6 hours to tear down and reassemble a valve. That’s a savings of 8 hours on ONE valve. Just imagine the time you’d save replacing 25 bonnet seals?

So, when it’s time for replacement, consider the VSG Graphite Pressure Seal. It will save you time and expense.

VSG Graphite Pressure Seal

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