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Dynamatic unveils website documenting cost efficiency of Eddy Current Electromagnetic Drives

Industry News

Dynamatic unveils website documenting cost efficiency of Eddy Current Electromagnetic Drives

Drive Source International, Inc. announces the go-live of the company’s expanded website:

According to company leaders, the new site was developed in part due to growing interest among water and wastewater operations professionals for adjustable speed drive pump control technology alternatives, and specifically Eddy Current electromagnetic drive options.

“As the world’s leading producer of Eddy Current adjustable speed drives, our company wanted our website to better demonstrate the clear advantages of the proven technology,” said Alan Konieczka, company president. “The new site does this using testimonials, technology videos and fact based information that communicate in ways we’ve not leveraged until now.”

Anthony Anniballi, VP of sales and marketing, adds that the new website supports an installed base of Dynamatic drives ranging in the tens of thousands both nationwide and worldwide, with installations dating as far back as the 1960’s. “Factory-original parts and repair services for these installations are supported by the new website,” Anniballi explained. “In addition, the new site presents advanced digital control options for both retrofit and new Dynamatic drive installations.”

While many water and wastewater plants still have Dynamatic brand drives reliably in operation, plant superintendents are much more likely to be mindful of their variable frequency drive (VFD) problems, Konieczka says. Distracted by their VFD cost issues, managers have overlooked the often remarkably more cost-efficient Eddy Current drive technology option.

“If you are in charge of a water or wastewater pumping operation, the odds are that you have experienced significant cost over-runs due to over-prescribed variable frequency drive products, especially for medium voltage pumping applications.” Konieczka says.

It’s an industry-wide problem, one the new website is helping to address, the company says.

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