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DFT® MSV-100® New Control Valve Product Launch


Contributor: DFT Valves

DFT® Inc. proudly announces the launch of the new MSV-100® Control Valve. Designed for use in medium service gas, liquid or steam flanged applications, it has a straight-thru Venturi Design that provides rugged reliability and can handle high-pressure drops.

The MSV-100 is available in sizes 1” to 4”, ANSI 600 TO 1500 class, and in carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. The quick change internal trim allows the in-line replacement of internal trim, minimizing maintenance, downtime, and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

“We are now able to offer a medium service control valve line that has the economic advantages of in-line trim replacement.” Says Stephen O’Neill, Control Valve Sales Manager at DFT.  “These Venturi Style Control Valves are ideally suited to handle challenging cavitating applications”.

The MSV-100® is a position seated control valve made for modulating or on/off service. Class V shutoff is standard and the valve can be used with Pneumatic, electric, or manual actuation. To find out more about the MSV-100, stop by Booth #226 at Valve World 2019– we welcome any questions you may have. www.dft-valves.com

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