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Is Your Chiller Coupling Ready to Handle the Heat?

CCA Can Your Chiller Coupling Stand Up To The Heat?

Is Your Chiller Coupling Ready to Handle the Heat?

It can with York* Replacement Couplings from Coupling Corp America.

As the temperature rises each year and chiller systems spring into action, CouplingCorp receives numerous calls from customers facing unexpected issues with their York* compressors. This past year a customer had an original York coupling fail, causing a bent quill. To make matters worse, the quill shaft was threaded into the compressor shaft so hard that it could not be removed (see picture). Not to worry- CouplingCorp was able to take the compressor wheel and machine away from the old quill shaft. Then a new replacement FLEXXOR coupling and quill shaft were installed. Luckily for the customer, CouplingCorp made this happen in a matter of days, and the chiller was back up and running.

Coupling Corporation provides a full range of replacement couplings for York Compressor Coupling replacement York* Compressors along with many other manufacturers. Some sizes are in stock for emergency turnaround service, and others can be manufactured very quickly. If you aren’t sure what you need, Contact CCA and let us help you determine what type and size of coupling you need.

CCA Can Your Chiller Coupling Stand Up To The Heat (1)For more information on the benefits of CouplingCorp’s York* Compressor Coupling Replacement, visit the page on our website. Also, included is a chart to help match part numbers. York Compressor Replacement Data Table

Sick of Needing to Find your special York* Wrenches? Try our Thread-less Quill Shaft Option

The preferred option for most customers when installing a new coupling is to also switch out their existing quill shaft with a new CCA quill that has a straight, smooth end where the coupling mounts. This has several benefits: it completely eliminates the threads; it completely eliminates the need for spacing shims, and it eliminates the need for the special York wrench.

Coupling Products for All Applications

No matter what application you have, CouplingCorp has a solution. See our product menu at the top of our website. Some of the categories include Flexible Shaft CouplingsAnderson Keyless SolutionsRigid CouplingsVertical Pump Couplings, and more.

CouplingCorp is the most customer-responsive, innovative, engineering-driven company in the power transmission industry. CouplingCorp is focused on providing unique, durable, and high-quality custom coupling solutions beyond a catalog.

No matter what size or speed your application is, Contact a CouplingCorp engineer to help determine the optimal product for your application. If you have specifications for your application, please use these simple online forms for either Horizontal Applications or Vertical Applications.

* York is a trademark and/or a trade name of Johnson Controls, Inc

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