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Connecting Workforce & Industry

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Connecting Workforce & Industry

We made it! 2022 has come and gone and there were some big wins to celebrate. Our biggest accomplishment was hosting our very first Empowering Pump & Industry Conference (EPIC) in Pasadena, Texas at the San Jacinto CPET facility. Back in August 2022, we put out an article about the upcoming conference (read the full article, here) and Charli K Matthews said the following leading up to the event…

“We created EPIC after I visited this amazing state-of-the-art facility in Pasadena and saw the incredible hands-on training available for students,” Matthews said. “But what really got my attention is that they also allow manufacturers to come in and train, share knowledge, and recruit new employees. That’s when I realized that an event like this just makes sense. It’s a perfect opportunity for pump and equipment manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, end users, facility owners, and the most skilled young talent to come together and have intimate interactions and discuss the most important and critical industry topics.”

Connecting Workforce & IndustryAnd we are happy to report that the event did just that! While every event has some kinks and things to be improved for the following years, we are so happy with the success and turnout of the event. Our mission was to connect the industry and we feel a lot of pride in being able to facilitate that with our roundtable talks, expert speakers, and tours highlighting the industry we know and love and showing how we can and should be passing down this knowledge and expertise to the younger generations.

Another huge thing to mention is our community –our community showed up in force! We had a group of DOW employee’s that attended and when we sat down to talk with them about how they heard about our event, they said that it’s because they follow our brand and with it being right in their backyard, it was a no brainer to attend and learn with other industry people. Now THAT is what makes it all worth it. Connecting our community. Along with end users, we had people across a diverse range of industries, associations, as well as local manufacturing businesses that got involved. And with plenty of time for attendees and speakers and sponsors alike to engage and interact with one another throughout the day, we feel grateful for everyone who contributed to a meaningful event.

Connecting Workforce & IndustryWith one successful Empowering Pumps & Industry Conference under our belts, we’re right back to planning an even better #EPIC2023 for you all. By leaning on the community we have built, we’ll be bringing people together again to learn, connect, and grow with other industry professionals at The Water Tower (TWT) in Buford, Georgia on Nov. 14-15th. Our goal with this conference is to highlight different industries and support local businesses where these facilities operate. Having our next conference at TWT will highlight the water/wastewater sector which is critical to the health and safety of our communities. But don’t worry, we’ll still be highlighting all markets within industry at the event –but we have a special place in our hearts for industries that are vital to life!

You can learn more about this year’s event at and reach out to us if you want to be part of the event. We’ll be announcing our call for papers soon and we have many sponsorship options for people to be involved!

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