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Complimentary Webinar on the New Electronic Data Exchange

Industry News

Complimentary Webinar on the New Electronic Data Exchange

The Hydraulic Institute, and its affiliated Pump Systems Matter education and training organization, have announced dates for the complimentary webinar series on electronic data exchange (EDE) for the pump industry. This session will be taught by Industry Subject Matter Expert, Trygve Dahl. Mr. Dahl is the Vice President of Technology with Intelliquip, LLC, Bethlehem, PA and he brings thirty years of experience in the fluid-handling industry as well as a PhD from Lehigh University in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Design Theory of Engineered to Order Products. He is also the chairman of the HI-EDE standard committee, responsible for developing the landmark standard around which this webinar series is based.

Registration for the complimentary sessions is available at of the sessions will begin at 1:00pm EDT and last approximately one hour. The following is a schedule of the 3-part series:

  • April 3, 2013 – Session 1: Getting Started with HI Electronic Data Exchange
  • April 11, 2013 – Session 2: Demonstrating how Electronic Data Exchange Works
  • April 18, 2013 – Session 3: Using the EDE Conformity Tool

The Hydraulic Institute developed HI 50.7—2010, “Standard for Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment.” This standard builds upon the FIATECH project known as the Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX) and is one of the components you must have to improve interoperability when bidding, quoting, and purchasing pumping equipment for capital facilities. The upcoming webinar series explains the new technology and how to use and implement it.

Session 1 will cover justifications for implementing HI-EDE, the scope and purpose of the HI-EDE 50.7 standard, how data is exchanged using HI-EDE, benefits of implementing HI-EDE in your organization, and steps to take to implement HI-EDE.

Session 2 will cover the type of data used to define the HI-EDE 50.7 Standard, describe EDE compliance levels, and explain how EDE was successfully tested for software capabilities. The webinar will also cover XML, data transfer, and pump process design.

Session 3 will cover the benefits of implementing HI-EDE in your organization and describe what the conformity assessment tool is and how you can use it to become HI-EDE Compliant.

While sessions are free, advance registration is required. To register, visit

The three-part webinar series is intended for pump company CEOs, Executives, VPs Marketing, Engineering, Procurement and IT Professionals as well as pump distributors, pump users, engineering consulting firms and others in the supply chain interested in using EDE to do business together.

The Hydraulic Institute has built an entire section of its website on this important topic, which will serve to transform the way the pump industry does business.  Learn more about how EDE saves time, reduces errors and omissions and reduces costs of doing business, as well as gain subscription-based access to the complete HI-EDE standard, the latest pump data sheets and the HI Conformity Assessment Tool at:

About the Hydraulic Institute: The mission of the Hydraulic Institute is to be a value-adding resource to member companies, engineering consulting firms, and pump users worldwide by developing and delivering comprehensive industry standards, expanding knowledge by providing education and tools for the effective application, testing, installation, operation, maintenance, and performance optimization of pumps and pumping systems, and by serving as a forum for the exchange of industry information. For more information on the Hydraulic Institute, its member companies and its Standards Partners, visit For information and registration details on educational offerings visit the Pump Systems Matter website

Pump Systems Matter is a non-profit educational organization established by the Hydraulic Institute, and leading utilities and energy efficiency organizations, to educate the industry on the benefits to pump systems optimization and energy efficiency to improve bottom-line savings of end-user companies. For more information

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