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Clogs Cured from Impeller’s Ability to Pass 3-in. Solids

Water & Wastewater
Big Bear Pump Station

Clogs Cured from Impeller’s Ability to Pass 3-in. Solids

Pump clog problems are not uncommon, but consumer flushables, such as pre-moistened wipes, can cause unnecessary headaches for wastewater stations. The sewer department of Big Bear City, California, was experiencing clogs at one of their stations three to four times a week. The excessive clogging problem was being caused by sewage backups in the wastewater collection system of the year-round resort community that resides in Big Bear City. The resort’s collection system, with more than 12,000 connections, was being taxed by the influx of patrons that visited the resort on weekends.
To reduce the maintenance costs of clearing clogs and free the sewer department up to maintain other parts of the wastewater collection system, the decision was made to purchase and install X-PELLER® impellers into the rotating assemblies of pumps at three of their wastewater stations. With over a year in operation, the impellers are performing successfully, and the stations have not experienced clog problems.
Read the full story and learn how the X-PELLER® is designed to resolve clogging issues by visiting

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