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CFturbo, Inc. Introduces Major Software Update

CFturbo, Inc. Launches Major Software Update

CFturbo, Inc. Introduces Major Software Update

By: CFturbo

CFturbo, Inc., an engineering company specializing in turbomachinery design software and services, just announced the new release of their upgraded software, CFturbo 2022.R2. With this latest software release, the company has added new features to their proprietary software that grants users the freedom to create and push the limits of conceptual design of pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, and turbines. Unlike any other turbomachinery design software on the market, CFturbo can be uniquely combined with different CAE-codes of third-party vendors like ANSYS, cadence, SIEMENS PLM, and SIMERICS, or open-source simulation and optimization software.

CFturbo, Inc. Launches Major Software Update

Image2 Segment modeling for exporting impeller designs

The new release features contain several substantial improvements to existing components. With this release, CFturbo enhanced its unique Reverse Engineering (RE) of arbitrary bladed Turbomachinery components like axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal rotors, or vaned stators. CFturbo 2022.R2 comes with a new impeller type to design low Ns pumps, the so-called “Barske” pump. In addition, a variety of new 3D-modeling details were added, for example new blade shapes for impeller design, or an option to export rotor passages that include flow domains and material domains (see image2). Furthermore, and direct interface to the SimScale platform was written to enable immediate access to web-based CFD-and FEA-simulations.

About CFturbo: CFturbo is headquartered in Dresden, Germany, with a major office in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2008, CFturbo is an industry leader in turbomachinery design software. CFturbo software and Engineering services customers spanning various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, oil & gas, HVAC, marine, process industry, appliances, and med-tech worldwide. Clients come from large corporations, small and midsize companies, start-ups, universities, and research organizations.

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