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Centrisys Earns Contract for New York City Wastewater Dewatering System Upgrade

Industry News

Centrisys Earns Contract for New York City Wastewater Dewatering System Upgrade

After besting four competitors in a feasibility study, Centrisys Corporation has begun fulfilling a purchase order for one of the largest current wastewater treatment projects in the country: replacing 13 dewatering centrifuge systems at the Wards Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in New York City.

The project is part of a series of upgrades to improve pollution control and treatment efficiency at Wards Island, which is the second largest of the city’s 14 wastewater treatment facilities and serves about 1 million people with an average dry-weather flow capacity of 275 million gallons per day.

The total cost of the project is $9 million. The first three Centrisys CS26-4 dewatering centrifuges will ship in May 2014, with the remaining 10 centrifuges to follow in early 2015.

Before awarding the contract, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection enlisted CDM Smith, one of the world’s foremost water quality consulting firms, to compare five available dewatering centrifuge models of similar capacity: Alfa Laval G2-115, Andritz CP4-1.2 (a retrofit, using same frame), Andritz D6LX, Westfalia CF 7000 and the Centrisys CS26-4.

Using a matrix incorporating an array of weighted criteria – including design, installation, performance, maintenance and cost parameters – CDM Smith ranked the products and manufacturers by their total scores.

Despite being the second highest in capital cost, the Centrisys CS26-4 came out on top due to advantages including:

  • Highest G-volume of systems currently in operation
  • Highest torque capacity
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Second-lowest operating costs
  • Most installations worldwide for machines of this size and capacity
  • The only centrifuge using an advanced hydraulic scroll drive instead of a gearbox
  • Minimal structural and mechanical modifications needed for installation

“World-class wastewater treatment facilities, like those in New York City, have some very important and demanding criteria for dewatering systems – in terms of design, performance and installation,” said Michael Kopper, Centrisys president. “We’ve been listening and responding to these challenges for decades. And that’s why our system came out ahead in this case.”

Like other Centrisys dewatering systems, the CS26-4 features a 15-degree beach angle, proven through rigorous testing to deliver optimal clarification volume for municipal wastewater treatment; a Rotodiff® hydraulic scroll drive by Viscotherm AG for higher torque at lower energy consumption than the traditional gearbox; and centrifugally cast duplex stainless steel bowl components for higher strength and corrosion resistance.

Discover more about Centrisys’ wastewater treatment innovations at


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