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BLACOH Introduces New Mobile App for Smart Phones

Industry News

BLACOH Introduces New Mobile App for Smart Phones

BLACOH Fluid Control, Inc., a leader in industrial fluid control products, recently introduced what they believe may be among the first mobile apps for the industrial equipment market.  Their new mobile app, BLACOH Mobile, gives customers access to product quotes and drawings using their smart phone or tablet. According to BLACOH President Andrew Yeghnazar, “BLACOH serves a vast array of markets around the globe from chemical processing to oil & gas; pharmaceutical to waste water. Those industries are on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovation, and so are we.”

In the past few years, BLACOH has focused heavily on new technology to assist customers.  In early 2009, they introduced a completely redesigned website centered around quoting their SENTRY line of pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors, accumulators and inlet stabilizers. The most notable part of the new site was the online ‘eConfigurator’ that allows customers to ‘build’ a dampener model to suit a specific application. The eConfigurator, one of the first in the industry, steps the user through a short series of questions about the application, including pump type, air control type, pressure, temperature, capacity, and even certifications required such as ATEX and CRN. The result is an online quote and drawing for a single BLACOH dampener model that has been configured specifically for the application.

BLACOH Mobile gives customers some of same tools available on the BLACOH website through their mobile device.  With the ever expanding use of smart phones and tablets, BLACOH saw a mobile app as essential to customer support by making it easier for their customers to do business, and making their products and services more readily accessible. Following the initial release, BLACOH plans to add more features and functions to BLACOH Mobile in the coming months, including a mobile version of their online eConfigurator. BLACOH customers can download the mobile app by visiting BLACOH’s website at

“Our goal is not just to develop innovative new products for the markets we serve”, says Yeghnazar. “We’re also working on new and creative ways of more effectively connecting with and serving our customer base to further global growth.” In late 2010, BLACOH announced their intention to expand the company’s presence in global markets with the appointment of Mr. Yeghnazar as President. Already in Canada and Europe, BLACOH opened their Asia Pacific regional office in early 2011 and plans continued expansion into Latin America later this year.


BLACOH Fluid Control is the industry standard for dampening and pulsation control. They have been in business for more than 35 years, providing smooth fluid flows for pumping systems all over the world. BLACOH’s goal is to increase the productivity, safety and efficiency of fluid systems, while decreasing maintenance and operating costs.  BLACOH products are designed to enhance profitability by improving pump and instrumentation performance throughout the entire process system, while significantly extending system component life. For more information, visit BLACOH’s website at

BLACOH Fluid Control, Inc.

US Headquarters

601 Columbia Ave, Bldg D

Riverside, CA 92507 – USA

951.342.3100 or 800.603.7867

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