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BLACOH Continues to Gain Global Steam


BLACOH Fluid Control, a leading provider of pulsation dampeners and similar products designed to control pump system vibration and hydraulic surge, recently announced key additions to their sales force in both the US and Europe. This news follows shortly after a similar announcement that the company had expanded their Customer Focus Team, the group responsible for providing service and support to distributors and OEMs worldwide.

BLACOH’s international expansion began in 2011 with the opening of sales offices in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America.  According to BLACOH President, Andrew Yeghnazar, the company will now focus on increasing their investment in Europe, expanding their sales presence in the Western US, and continuing to grow manufacturing and operations at their US headquarters in California.

With future plans to expand business throughout the rest of Europe, Steve Soroko has been appointed European Business Development Manager. Based in Vienna, Austria, Steve has more than 15 years’ experience in industrial pump distribution having served as Regional Manager for Dover’s Wilden Pump/PSG, and more recently as Regional Director for RathGibson, now part of PCC. In order to devote more resources in the German market, European Sales Manager Wieland Stapf will now focus exclusively on developing business in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In the US, John Krainock has been named Western Regional Sales Manager. With 20 years in sales industrial distribution management, John brings a new perspective to the sales team with expertise in the world of construction and fasteners while maintaining the company’s commitment to distribution and customer support. BLACOH also announced Cindy Borunda has been appointed to the newly created position of Global Sales Coordinator. Most recently with McMaster-Carr, Cindy will provide support to the international sales team in addition to managing new business initiatives for furthering market expansion.

“As we grow our business, we’re committed to do our best to meet and hopefully exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Andrew Yeghnazar. “To that end, we’re building what we believe is a global team that is second to none.”

Contact Steve Soroko in Vienna, Austria by phone at +43 (1) 320 0702 (mobile +43 664 421 2031) or email Steve@blacoh.com. John Krainock and Cindy Borunda can be reached at BLACOH’s US headquarters in Riverside, CA. Phone 951-342-3100 (800-603-7867 toll free) or emailJohn@blacoh.com or Cindy@blacoh.com.


About BLACOH    

BLACOH has been providing fluid flow solutions for pumping systems worldwide since 1976. Their complete line of SENTRY pulsation dampeners, surge suppressors and inlet stabilizers protect pumps and system components from destructive pulsation, pressure surge and hydraulic shock, and act as accumulators to store fluid energy wherever hydraulic fluid is used as a power source. BLACOH products are manufactured in the USA to exacting standards in a variety of sizes, with chemically resistant materials and pressure ratings available to suit virtually every application. For more information, contact BLACOH at (951) 342-3100 (800-603-7867) or visit Blacoh’s web site at www.blacoh.com.


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