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An Announcement about Infrastructure Week 2020

Infrastructure Week

The week-long annual event highlighting the #infrastructure needs of America, being held May 11th through the 18th this year will now be known by the hashtag #United4Infra.


United for Infrastructure is a 501c4 non-profit that works to educate the American public and policymakers about the importance of infrastructure to the nation’s economy, workers, and communities.  In partnership with the business community, labor unions, associations, think tanks, elected officials, and others, @United4Infra has led the charge to improve America’s infrastructure.

Throughout the year, United for Infrastructure works to highlight the critical role infrastructure plays in all sectors of the economy and to show policymakers at all levels of government the breadth and diversity of support for long-term, sustainable infrastructure investment. They do this through keynote events, like their Presidential Candidate Infrastructure Forum, as well as through their podcast, webinars, workshops, and smaller events.

Their signature annual event is United for Infrastructure: A Week to Champion America’s Infrastructure (formerly Infrastructure Week).  This week of advocacy brings together organizations and individuals from across America  – from local businesses, trade associations and chambers of commerce to mayors and individual citizens – to host events, tour new and innovative projects, and talk about infrastructure with the press and on social media. We encourage you to participate in the Week and tell your infrastructure story. Plan an event. Drive media attention. Reach out to your elected leaders. 

Use the comments to tell us how you can participate!


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