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Alignment Supplies Unveils Flatness App for ALiSENSOR LEVEL

Industry News

Alignment Supplies Unveils Flatness App for ALiSENSOR LEVEL

Greg Knitz, President of Alignment Supplies, Inc., announced today the

release of Flatness for the ALiSENSOR™ Level, the most eagerly anticipated new App for

the ALiSENSOR™ Level geometric measurement system. “The Flatness App delivers on

the truly revolutionary potential seen in our absolutely unique technology,” said Mr. Knitz.

“Flatness is a geometric measurement that so many people want, but has always been

rather cost-prohibitive, around $25,000, with laser geometry systems. Laser system set-up

and measurement procedures were also seen as time-intensive and complex. The

ALiSENSOR™ Level geometric measurement system has “changed the game,” making

precision Flatness measurements extraordinarily cost-effective and extremely easy to

perform,” Knitz added. Like all ALiSENSOR™ Level Apps, Flatness is downloadable for free

from the App Store. “The addition of Flatness has made the ALiSENSOR™ Level the most

value-added geometric measurement system, with remarkable innovations and an ease-ofuse

surpassing all other systems, combined with a price point that is literally a fraction of

anything else on the market,” said Knitz.


The Flatness measurement program App enables users to measure the flatness of surfaces

of a wide range of shapes and sizes through the revolutionary ability of the ALiSENSOR™

Level to be calibrated to user-made fixtures of all sizes. The ability to customize the number

of measurement points along both axes also enables users to perform very detailed and

thorough flatness measurements, while also equipping them with the ability to customize the

number of measurement points for specific applications, such as performing a flatness

measurement on two rails for a motor or pump installation. The measurements are

performed quickly and the user is guided in every step by a live 3D model of the

measurement. The high-accuracy resolution of the ALiSENSOR™ Level provides flatness

data with a resolution down to a tenth of a thou (0.0001”).

When the flatness measurement is completed, the user can choose reference points, and a

PDF report can be created instantly with all the measurement data including an adjustablescale

schematic drawing of the flatness results. A table with the values of all measurement

points is also included in the report, as well as minimum value, maximum value, and the total

flatness value between the highest and lowest points. The resulting flatness measurement

report is a fully customizable PDF with the ability to enter complementary measurement setup

information, and can also include a picture of the measurement object, taken with the

built-in camera of the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) display unit. “With the ALiSENSOR™

Level, the report can even be emailed to a colleague, customer, or your own office computer

directly from the field, which has so many great advantages,” said Knitz. “The

documentation is done and distributed only moments after the actual measurement is



Since the ALiSENSOR™ Level was developed under the Industrial MFi (Made for iPad)

program, which integrates the iPad and other iOS devices into industrial-grade tools and

equipment, adding new measurement program Apps, like Flatness, is easily performed by

downloading them for free from the App Store. “The addition of this eagerly anticipated new

Flatness App is a breakthrough moment for the ALiSENSOR™ Level, and we are amazed at

the phenomenal possibilities of this revolutionary technology now becoming reality,” said

Knitz. “Precision flatness measurements are now accessible to everyone, regardless of

budget or experience level,” added Knitz. “The ALiSENSOR™ Level has changed the game,

making precision geometric measurement something everyone can do, and something that

everyone can afford.”


About Alignment Supplies:

Since 1985, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has served the rotating machinery industry with a complete line of alignment-related

products for shaft and machinery alignment and measurement. As the Master Distributor for ALiSENSOR™ Alignment

and Measurement Systems, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has the experience, resources, and equipment to address any

alignment need. Contact us at 800.997.4467 (US only), 419.887.5890, or at


ALiSENSOR™ is a registered trademark of GLOi AB in the United States and/or other countries.

For more information, contact:

Brian Walsh, Business Development Manager

Phone: 419.887.5890

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