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AFT Acquired by Datacor to Enhance and Expand Engineering Solutions

Applied Flow Technology
AFT Acquired by Datacor to Enhance and Expand Engineering Solutions

AFT Acquired by Datacor to Enhance and Expand Engineering Solutions

Applied Flow Technology Corporation (AFT) has been acquired by Datacor, Inc of Florham Park, New Jersey, USA. The acquisition occurred in August 2023. It is a mutually beneficial decision and both companies are eager to enhance the engineering solutions AFT develops to help engineers around the world design safer, more efficient, and more reliable piping systems.

AFT’s Founder, Trey Walters, is well-known in the hydraulic flow community for being a leading expert in pipe flow analysis. In recent years he has emerged as a leading authority in transient analysis of water hammer and steam hammer. His work earned him recognition as a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) in 2019, and he continues to publish and present detailed technical papers to educate international audiences on these phenomena.

What Prompted the Acquisition?

In early 2023, Trey decided to look towards reducing his workload and ensuring AFT’s continuity in the long term. He extensively evaluated a multitude of offers to purchase the pipe flow company he started in his basement in 1993. He wanted his life’s work to be honored, as well as the 21 employees and international Channel Partner relationships.

Trey states, “When I created AFT Fathom 30 years ago, I set AFT on the path of being a trailblazer and technology leader. On a deeply personal level, it is important to me that AFT’s hard-earned global reputation for excellence in our products and service be maintained for our customers. Equally important is making sure the great team at AFT has a promising future filled with opportunities for professional growth.”

Who is Datacor?

Datacor is a leading provider of process manufacturing, chemical simulation, asset tracking, lab formulation and chemical distribution software that helps professionals maximize productivity, use data as a competitive advantage and drive smarter business growth. Founded in 1981, Datacor has over 300 employees and is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey.

AFT’s addition to the Datacor family strengthens Datacor’s existing engineering simulation software portfolio. In 2021, Datacor acquired Chemstations, a company that provides process simulation software called CHEMCAD. Used by chemical engineers to design, test and optimize chemical processes, CHEMCAD is designed to drive productivity, accomplish day-to-day tasks, and tackle the toughest chemical process models.

What Does AFT’s Future Look Like?

AFT is, and will continue to be, the AFT you’ve always known. AFT’s international Channel Partner network will remain intact and will most likely grow with the additional resources from the Datacor network. AFT’s users, the quality of their products, and the dependability of the calculations will remain the company’s top priority.

“Joining the Datacor family of solutions is the right choice for AFT to achieve the goals on which AFT has set its sights,” Trey adds, “I am not going anywhere. I plan to work many more years to continue to grow AFT’s product and provide maximum value to customers.”

Learn more about Datacor at

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