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Why Investing in Motors with AEGIS Rings is a Smart Choice

AEGIS Why Investing in Motors with AEGIS Rings is a Smart Choice

Why Investing in Motors with AEGIS Rings is a Smart Choice

By: Aegis

Electric motors drive everything from industrial machinery to HVAC systems, making their reliability and longevity essential. When motors are powered by variable frequency drives (VFDs), they need extra protection. Motors with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings factory-installed offer unparalleled protection against electrical bearing damage, and they come with a 2-year extended warranty to back it up.

AEGIS Why Investing in Motors with AEGIS Rings is a Smart ChoiceWhat is Bearing Fluting and Why Should You Care?

Bearing fluting is a common problem in motors driven by VFDs. This phenomenon occurs because VFDs create a voltage on the motor shaft, which often discharges by arcing through the bearings, creating microscopic pits. Over time, this can lead to fluting and premature bearing failure, resulting in unexpected downtime and expensive repairs or replacement. The solution? Giving shaft voltage a safe discharge path– away from the bearings.

AEGIS Rings: A Proven Solution

AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings are specifically designed to discharge these harmful electrical currents safely to ground. They use a patented 360-degree array of conductive microfibers to surround the motor shaft, ensuring reliable contact and effective grounding. With factory-installed rings, you get the peace of mind that your motor bearings are protected from the moment the motor is put into service.

Factory-Installed For Your Convenience

Choosing motors with AEGIS Rings factory-installed means you don’t have to worry about retrofitting or additional installation steps. The grounding rings are already in place, designed to work seamlessly with the motor’s architecture. This saves you time and effort and ensures a level of integration that can be hard to achieve with aftermarket installations.

Motors with AEGIS installed are easy to find, too – Most major motor manufacturers offer motor lines with AEGIS rings included standard and are also available as a mod. You can view the list of manufacturers and motor lines with AEGIS installed here.

An Extended Warranty For Extra Confidence

One big benefit of investing in motors with factory-installed AEGIS rings is their 2-Year Extended Warranty against bearing fluting damage. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in our product’s effectiveness. It also gives you additional assurance that your investment is protected. If bearing fluting occurs within two years, you’re covered. This kind of warranty is rare in the industry, highlighting the value of these grounding rings.

They frequently see volume motor users – colleges, school districts, data centers – register motors with AEGIS factory-installed for the Warranty, often one after another. For multiple simultaneous registrations, they offer a spreadsheet to let you avoid filling out the online registration form repeatedly.

A Smart Investment with Long-Term Benefits

In a world where downtime is costly, and reliability is paramount, investing in motors with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings makes perfect sense. With factory-installed grounding rings, you reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by reducing the risk of premature bearing failure. Plus, the 2-year extended warranty offers a safety net, protecting you if anything goes wrong.

Overall, motors with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings factory-installed are a smart investment for any business that relies on electric motors. They offer high protection, convenience, and confidence, ensuring that your motors — and your operations — run smoothly for years to come.

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