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Variable Frequency Drives in Cold Weather Environments

Aegis Variable Frequency Drives in Cold Weather Environments

Variable Frequency Drives in Cold Weather Environments

By: Aegis

AEGIS frequently discusses various applications that can benefit from controlling electric motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs). From the deepest mines to the stratosphere and beyond, the applications are endless. In this post, AEGIS will explore three winter/cold weather-specific uses of VFDs.

#1: HVAC

In fairness, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning use VFDs year-round. But heating is a big one in cold weather – literally hundreds of millions of lives depend on reliable heating in the winter. And VFDs can save huge amounts of energy by running motors only as fast as necessary. VFDs can be used to control the motors driving:

  • Fans for ventilation, forced hot air, and heat exchangers
  • Pumps for circulating heat-exchanging fluids
  • Compressors, an integral part of heat pump design (along with fans and circulation pumps)

Aegis Variable Frequency Drives in Cold Weather Environments#2: Indoor Skating Rinks

What would winter be without hockey? Just as cold, but a lot drearier.

VFDs can be used to drive the refrigerating systems that maintain the ice. Pumps and compressors can run more efficiently on VFD, leading to big savings.

#3: Snowmaking

When natural snowfall is insufficient, ski areas and other outdoor recreational areas supplement it with man-made snow. Snowmaking machines use pumps and compressors to produce winter wonderlands, and as above, these machines can be run more efficiently with VFDs.

These are just a few seasonal applications of variable frequency drives. But regardless of the weather or season, all motors controlled by variable frequency drives should be protected against premature bearing failure with AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings. Drives can cause electrical bearing damage to the systems they control, and premature motor failure can easily wipe out all the energy savings they allow.

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