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Mouvex® Integrates Finder Triplex Series Pumps into Product Offering

Finder Triplex Series (skid)

Mouvex®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, is pleased to announce the integration of Finder Triplex Series pumps into its growing portfolio of transfer solutions for the energy and industrial markets.

“With this integration, Finder Triplex Series pump customers will benefit from the excellent skid design and fabrication abilities that Mouvex is known for across Europe,” said Olivier Gazeau, Finder Market & Product Manager for Mouvex.

Launched in 1952 under the original name of PMH, Finder Triplex Series pumps are highly reliable reciprocating plunger pumps specifically designed for a wide variety of critical applications found in oil & gas (onshore and offshore), nuclear and general industrial industries. These pumps are also compliant with API 674 to provide the best in reliably and safety.

Finder TD18 (bareshaft)

Triplex Series pumps are available in seven models – TD18, NF50, NH77, NJ116, NL171, TN 260 and TP420 – with power rating ranging from 13 to 310 kW (18 to 420 HP). Typical applications include water jetting, methanol injection, glycol recirculation, descaling, boiler feeding, and others.

Headquartered in Merate, Italy, Finder is a leader in the design and manufacturing of API engineered pumps and systems. Finder has a network of representation in more than 75 countries around the world. Finder was acquired by PSG in 2013.

For more about Mouvex Triplex pumps, please send an email to finderfrance@psgdover.com. Finder is a product brand within PSG, a Dover company. For more information on PSG, please go to psgdover.com.


About Mouvex:

Mouvex® was incorporated in 1906 and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers. Through a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers, Mouvex serves the following markets: refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food /sanitary, military, transport and chemical process. Mouvex — headquartered in Auxerre, France — is part of PSG®, a Dover company.


About Finder:

Finder S.p.A. is a leading provider of engineered pumps, spare parts and related services for critical applications in oil & gas, power generation and general industrial processes. Approximately 80% of Finder’s revenue is generated from products manufactured to the exacting standards of the American Petroleum Institute (“API”). The main products – centrifugal pumps, twin screw pumps and plunger pumps – are sold worldwide to the major engineering companies and to end users which have a leading position in the fields of oil & gas, nuclear energy, desalination, chemical, pharmaceutical and food. Finder—headquartered in Merate, Italy—is a member of Dover Corporation’s PSG®. Additional information is available on the company’s website at www.finderpumps.com.


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