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    Advance Cutter Technology, Explosion Proof Design, & Long Lasting Dependibilty


    • Heads to: 240’

    • Flows to: 150 gpm

    • Discharge size: 2”, 2.5”, 3”

    • Horsepower: 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15

    • RPM: 3450


    • Municipal

    • Commercial

    • Institutional

    • Light Industrial


    1. Plug-n-play cord simplifies pump installation with its quick disconnect capability
    2. Oil-Filled Motor for optimal motor cooling and maximum bearing life
    3. Stainless steel hardware provides resistance against corrosion to extend pump life
    4. Moisture detection probe alerts pending seal issues before water can enter the motor
    5. Vortex impeller design greatly reduces clogging issues due to troublesome objects
    6. Exclusive Slicerator™ slices with the full torque of the motor acting on a small area to provide the ultimate solution in solids reduction
    7. Available in vertical or horizontal discharge (18 Frame only) for simple installation and replacement
    8. Double mechanical seals provide maximum motor protection
    9. Heavy duty, oil-lubricated bearings extend pump life
    10. Large lifting Bail allows for easy installation
    11. Explosion proof design gives an added piece of mind for pump operation and safety; Class I Group C & D Division 1 motors as standard with Class F insulation system