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Pump Systems Optimization Course for Commercial Buildings

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Lower Pump Energy Cost & Improve  Reliability In Commercial Buildings Through A Pump Systems Optimization Process

All commercial buildings include pumps as part of heating, cooling, chiller, water pressure boosting, and wastewater systems.  These pump-based systems consume more than 35% of a commercial building’s energy.   In this educational course, you’ll learn how most pumping systems are designed to operate at peak load requirements, leading to specification of oversized pumps that result in higher-than necessary system operating costs and more frequent maintenance costs than properly-sized pumps.   You’ll also find out why excess flow energy increases the wear and tear on system components, resulting in pump failure, valve damage, piping stress, and increased system operation noise.

This new Pump Systems Optimization Course for Commercial Buildings covers these vital areas:

  • How smart pumping systems automatically take control of the pump, motors, and variable frequency drives that influence its operation
  • How quadratic control curves can yield more than 25% energy savings at part-load over PPC Control Curve.
  • How best efficiency staging changes individual pumps based on operating efficiency rather than motor speed.
  • The evolution of traditional management control systems into distributed control decision-making platforms based on building information. Using integrated controls, facility managers can now monitor and operate pump-based systems in a more energy efficient manner.

Attendees will learn how to take a pumping system that operates at less than 60% capacity at 90% of the time or more and bring the system to best efficiency point, typically at 80% or more. When not optimized for best efficiency, commercial building pump systems drain profits, create higher operational costs, increased maintenance costs and shorten mean time between repairs. This course provides solutions, information and data about the pump systems optimization process that leads to greater energy efficiency, bottom-line savings and improved reliability.

This new course is recommended for Facility Managers, Energy Managers, Maintenance and Operation personnel across all commercial building services.  Attendees will receive a certificate of completion worth 7 Professional Development Hours.


COURSE LOCATION: Saint Joseph’s University – Mandeville Hall – THe Wolfington Teletorium (5600 City Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131.

Parking and the Mandeville Building is locating right of 54th and City Avenue. (Parking and walkway is on 54th St.)

Contact Frank Fazio at ffazio@rworldenergy.com or Mark Sullivan at msullivan@pumps.org or 973-349-5329 with any questions.


This course will be instructed by Alex Kramer, President of NECO Systems. Mr. Kramer’s experience includes design, engineering and service of pumping systems packages including Water Pressure Boosters, Heat Transfer, Geothermal Circulating, Fuel Oil Transfer, and Waste Water.  He has also had experience in designing and installing digital process control systems for industrial applications including electric power grids, Hydro-electric plants, steel mills, and gas distribution systems.


Date(s):                November 9, 2017

Time:                    8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Instructor:           Alex Kramer, President of NECO Systems

Contact:               Mark Sullivan, msullivan@pumps.org or 973-349-5329

PDH Credit:         7 PDH Credits



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