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Flowserve Corporation Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

Industry News
Hydraulic Institute

Flowserve Corporation Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

The Hydraulic Institute introduces member company, Flowserve Corporation, as the latest company to have their pump test laboratory approved through the HI Pump Test Lab Approval Program. The approved pump test lab is located at 5310 Taneytown Pike Taneytown, MD 21787.
The HI program assists pump OEMs and other pump test laboratories improve their current laboratory procedures and policies by working with an experienced third-party auditor to develop and maintain accurate, uniform and repeatable pump testing protocols. The program also helps participating organizations adhere to the requirements of the international test laboratory accreditation standard (ISO 17025) concerning test measurement equipment.
As the DOE requires increased efficiencies for commercial and industrial pumps, a manufacturer’s ability to demonstrate accurate pump performance will be an important part of compliance. Performing these tests in a lab that not only applies the industry standard (HI 40.7) but also stands up to an independent third party audit will build confidence in the market that the stated efficiencies will be achieved.
The pump test lab approval program is HI’s latest program designed to support the DOE’s energy saving initiatives. Flowserve Taneytown is very proud to have achieved this Hydraulic Institute certification, which ensures an extremely high level of testing consistency within our industry,” said Chris Heacock, Director/General Manager, Flowserve Taneytown. “We serve an international client base that does business in multiple markets, and our customers have very specific requirements. We believe this accreditation showcases the advanced technical capabilities of our test facility and demonstrates Flowserve’s continued commitment to leading the industry when it comes to welcoming high standards for testing
For more information or to participate in the program please visit or contact the HI Program Manager at

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One response to “Flowserve Corporation Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program”

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