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Barnes SH Solids Handling Solves Clogging Problems

Barnes 4SH Pump

Barnes SH Series

The Cedar Cove lift station in Fishers, IN was constructed in the early 1990’s. It is outfitted with two submersible 230 volt three phase pumps and the design capacity is 180 gpm at 96 feet total dynamic head (TDH).

By 2011, the lift station was in major need of renovation. The pumps were clogging so frequently that a third pump was purchased to rotate into production slots to facilitate repairs while maintaining lift station capacity. This routine was labor intensive and costing the  municipality approximately $8,500 a year in repair costs. A renovation project was initiated. A new control panel with SCADA capability was installed, the wet well was lined and new discharge piping, check, isolation and air release valves were installed. The last and most crucial repair was left, replacing the old pumps with reliable non-clog submersibles!

The Town of Fishers municipality worked with American Pump Repair & Service, Inc. (APRS), Crane Pumps & Systems channel partner, for a number of years. The municipality trusted Barnes submersible solids handling pumps since an initial installation was successful in one of the  town’s other 22 lift stations. The success of the initial installation led Rick Farnham, Assistant Director of Town of Fishers Public Works Department to rely on APRS for a solution that would decrease maintenance calls. They suggested two Barnes 20HP 4SHVB20082 with a vortex impeller to best handle the stringy sewage solids. The pumps were installed in August of 2012. The success of the initial installation has lead to a proactive program of submersible pump replacement with the CP&S product line.

CraneThe municipality has seen an overall cost reduction. They have greatly reduced service calls and maintenance costs. The third pump that was often brought into production during repair is no longer needed.



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