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Griswold – Maintenance (Mar 12)

For decades, the No. 1 pump-style choice by operators of chemical-processing facilities has been centrifugal-pump technology. Centrifugal pumps enable them to handle many fluid-transfer applications. The pumps will perform at […]

Quattroflow – Single-Use

From a process-equipment standpoint, permanent and single-use quaternary diaphragm pumps, such as Quattroflow™ pumps, represent a growing technology that both helps enable the efficient development of new biologic drugs and […]

Neptune – Drip Irrigation

One system of water delivery that has been growing in popularity in recent years is drip irrigation, which is also referred to as micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. This […]

Neptune – Acids

With increasing regulatory vigilance regarding how wastewater is handled, it needs to be disposed of or recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Aiding in the cause of wastewater […]

Neptune – Sodium Hypochlorite

From completing basic household chores to disinfecting hospitals, from being fed as a biocide to inhibit biological growth to removing odors from wastewater, sodium hypochlorite plays an ever-present role in […]

Wilden – Pro-Flo SHIFT

Pump manufacturers realize the importance their products play in industry and have taken great pains to design and develop pumping equipment that satisfies the increased need for energy efficiency and […]

Wilden – High Pressure AODDPs in Paint

The modern-day world of paint and coatings bears little resemblance to the days when cavemen used primitive ingredients to construct the “paints” that they used to adorn their cave walls. […]

Wilden – Handling & Transferring Dangerous Chemicals

Pumps play a critical role in the handling and transferring of dangerous chemicals, as they are used throughout the chemical supply chain to transfer chemicals from the pipeline or bulk […]

Applying Expansion Joints to Your System

This paper will help you understand your piping systems requirements and basic expansion joint functions that are key to achieving optimal performance.  This article was first published in Pumps & […]

Pumping Systems – Low Hanging Fruit in Saving Energy

Pumping systems absorb in the neighbourhood of 20% of all motor driven electrical energy usage in the United States. However, established efficiency incentive programs only contribute a small proportion of […]

Sealing Systems Matter

The Fluid Sealing Association, an international trade association of sealing device manufacturers, has established an educational initiative called Sealing Systems Matter. A primary objective of the initiative is to influence the decision-making […]

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