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Non-Propeller Propulsion System for a Human Powered Submarine

Background The International Submarine Races (ISR) is a competition in which teams race “wet” submarines. A “wet” submarine is an internally flooded, fully enclosed, vehicle in which the pilot(s) must […]

8 Steps to Properly Installing a Gasket

By Chett Norton, C.E.T. and Sylvia Flegg, Triangle Fluid Controls       Visually examine and clean flanges, bolts, nuts and washers and make sure to replace any defective components, if necessary.   […]

Ten Reasons to Consider Brushless DCV Motors in Electric Valve Actuators

Brushless DC electric (BLDC) motors have been in use for nearly 50 years, but have only recently been employed in smart actuation. Their adaptation is key to improving process control […]

Hydrogen Fluoride-Resistant Gaskets Tips from Fluid-Sealing Solution Experts

APPLICABLE INDUSTRIES Chemical Processing WHY IS SEALING HYDROGEN FLUORIDE A CHALLENGE? Because of its harsh nature, hydrogen fluoride is a difficult chemical to seal. If leaked, in any volume, manufacturers […]

Design and Analysis of a High Speed, High Pressure Peroxide/RP-1 Turbopump

In the past, hydrogen peroxide bipropellant rocket engines were reserved for limited performance applications such as propulsion for rocket-assisted take-off (RATO) or sounding rockets due to the use of pressure-fed […]

Putting Your Control Valve Online

SHERIDAN RETROFITS AN EXISTING CONTROL VALVE AND ENTERS THE AUTOMATED WORLD OF WATER EFFICIENCY. By Ryan Spooner, Singer Automation & Instrumentation Engineering Manager with Mueller Water Products Everywhere around us […]

Gaining Visibility into Asset Performance

Over the years, there have been a variety of ways to monitor asset health, but only recently have technologies like wireless connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive algorithms taken these […]

Study of peristaltic hose pump technology in precious metal mining

When it comes to pumps, there are many challenges associated with precious metal mining applications. For instance, there is a high degree of difficulty in handling abrasive paste with varying […]

Valve Actuation: The When, How and Why of Actuator Selection A guide to actuators for upstream and midstream oil and gas applications

Once the decision to automate has been made, there is a wide — and often confusing — variety of actuators from which to choose. This paper is designed to make […]

The Who, The What and The Wye: Everything You Need to Know About Strainers.

To understand the types of strainers available and how to choose the appropriate one for your project, download our e-book: The Who, The What and The Wye: Everything You Need to […]

Live-Loaded Valve Stem Packing Data Sheet

The EGC Live-Loaded data sheet enables you to list actual valve measurements consist of valve pressure class, operating temperature and, specific to Bellville springs, the inside diameter of the stuffing […]

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