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Chemical Compatibility for AODD Pumps

Iwaki AirThis document is intended as a general guide to help in the selection of pump wetted materials. The list includes many of the most common liquids used in industrial and processing applications.


1. The data contained has been compiled from many sources and is believed to be reliable. NO GUARANTEE IS IMPLIED OR EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN THROUGH THE USE OF THIS GUIDE.
2. Regarding the actual corrosion resistance properties of each material, testing of the materials of construction under actual or similar conditions is recommended.
3. Corrosion rates may vary with concentration, temperature and the presence of abrasives. Impurities or other trace elements common in industrial liquids may inhibit or accelerate the reaction of the material being pumped and the effect on pump materials.
4. Chemicals or liquids may independently be compatible with a type of material, however the combination of several liquids may completely change the chemical compatibility.
5. Even if a material has been deemed to be chemical compatible, always consider other such factors as chemical compatibility of the pumps non wetted parts, solids size, solids content, abrasion resistance, temperature of the liquid, temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, and airline or liquid line pressures.
6. When transferring flammable liquids or operating in explosive environments, follow all local fire and safety laws or regulations. Take care that the pump and all peripheral equipment is fully earthed and note that some pump materials such as non-conductive Polypropylene is unsuited to such applications.
7. Halogenated hydrocarbon solvents such as those listed below should not be used in aluminium equipment as a violent explosion could result. • Carbon Tetrachloride • Methylene Chloride • Dichlorethylene • Methyl Chloride • Chloroform • Trichlorethylene
8. Plastic pumps in general are recommended for strong acids and caustics and not recommended for high temperatures or slurries. Metal pumps in general are good for abrasion resistance, solvents, hydrocarbons, and high temperature applications.

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