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What is AFT Arrow?


Contributor: Applied Flow Technology

AFT Arrow is considered by many as the world’s leading compressible pipe flow modeling software product. But what does that really mean? AFT Arrow is a software tool used to model, simulate, and analyze any kind of super-heated gas pumped through piping or ducting systems. Among its vast compressible flow repertoire includes pipe and duct sizing, valve sizing, system optimization, and other important calculations necessary to design or analyze compressible flow systems. In addition, AFT Arrow can help engineers identify operational problems that, once corrected, enhance system reliability.

The fundamental, non-simplified equations of compressible flow from the heart of AFT Arrow, ensure its ability to accurately model a wide variety of gases from steam to compressed air to natural gas. Engineers make liberal use of Arrow’s ability to model the complex physical phenomena inherent to systems containing real gases, sonic choking, and heat transfer. Perhaps most impressive is Arrow’s ability to model highly intricate systems that can consist of complicated webs of pipe branching, all without imposing a limit on the number of pipes or system components.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a wastewater treatment plant or are working to expand a pipeline – you can use AFT Arrow to avoid catastrophes, solve sluggish flows, and protect our sensitive environment. Arrow allows engineers to design gas systems that lessen their carbon footprint and can help to ensure that pipelines are able to adequately contain destructive gases they may emit. AFT Arrow also safely prevents against dust collection explosions.

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