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WateReuse Celebrates 2023 Award Winners Who Are Reimagining Water Together

Industry News
WateReuse Celebrates 2023 Award Winners Who Are Reimagining Water Together

WateReuse Celebrates 2023 Award Winners Who Are Reimagining Water Together

The WateReuse Association (WateReuse) announced a slate of award-winners today that are advancing water recycling knowledge and practice. Water recycling, or water reuse, is the sustainable treatment and use of water multiple times within our communities. Water can be captured from our homes and businesses, as well as from rain and saltwater, and can be cleaned with modern technologies for purposes including industrial cooling, environmental restoration, irrigation, and drinking.

The award winners recognized today at the 2023 WateReuse Symposium in Atlanta exemplify the event’s theme: Reimagining Water Together.

The awards granted included the WateReuse Awards for Excellence (multiple categories), the WateReuse President’s Awards and Service Awards, and Student Art Contest winners.

WateReuse Awards for Excellence

The WateReuse Awards for Excellence recognize the people, projects, and partnerships that demonstrate exceptional leadership toward building more resilient communities through water reuse. Award recipients use water recycling in novel ways to solve water management challenges, advance policies that facilitate greater adoption of water recycling, and inspire others through their innovation and leadership.
To read more information and view videos about the award winners, visit this page.
The award winners are:

Advocacy Achievement

  • The U.S. EPA Water Reuse Program

The Advocacy Achievement award recognizes individuals and organizations for significant achievements in advancing policy, legislation, or regulations that facilitate greater adoption, implementation, or acceptance of recycled water.

Community Water Champion

  • City of Plant City FL and ant its Utilities Director, Lynn Spivey
  • Mike Britt, City of Winter Haven, Florida
  • San Antonio Water System, TX

The Community Water Champion award recognizes the accomplishments of utilities and local government entities that ensure a safe, reliable, locally controlled water supply through the development of water recycling treatment facilities, infrastructure and/or other water reuse projects.

Excellence in Action

  • Eastern Municipal Water District, CA
  • Gulf Coast Authority, TX

The Excellence in Action award recognizes community leaders that demonstrate a commitment to water resiliency through the innovative use of recycled water for commercial operations, watershed restoration projects, irrigation, or other projects.

Outreach and Education

  • Irvine Ranch Water District & Discovery Cube, Orange County, CA
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Southwest Florida Water Management District, WateReuse Florida

The Outreach and Education award recognizes significant success in advancing public acceptance of recycled water, including short-term campaigns, educational programs, and events.

Transformational Innovation

  • City of Santa Monica, CA
  • Norman Utilities Authority, OK in partnership with Garver

The Transformational Innovation award recognizes technological advances, research breakthroughs, and innovative practices that advance the adoption, implementation, or public acceptance of recycled water.

Up and Comer

  • Anya Kaufmann, P.E., Senior Engineer, Trussell Technologies, Inc.

The Up and Comer award recognizes a professional with less than 10 years experience in the recycled water industry for leadership in the industry and commitment to pursuing water recycling as a career path.

President’s Awards

  • Karen Pallansch
  • Cindy Wallis-Lage

The President’s Awards recognize individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement of water reuse through exceptional service and leadership. This award is given at the discretion of the WateReuse Association President.

Service Awards

  • Robert Beltran, Vice President, Dewberry
  • Elizabeth Dawson, Engineering Manager, El Dorado Irrigation District
  • Robert McCandless, Vice President, Stantec
  • Joe Vesey, Global Business Leader

The WateReuse Association recognized these individuals for their service on our Board of Directors. Their leadership and vision have helped drive the national adoption of water reuse policies and programs.

The WateReuse Association is the nation’s only trade association solely dedicated to advancing laws, policy, funding, and public acceptance of recycled water. Our membership includes utilities that recycle water, businesses that support the development of recycled water projects, and consumers of recycled water.

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