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Valves and Pump Components that Resist Abrasion and Cavitation

Pumps & Operations
Triangle pump Valves and Pump Components that Resist Abrasion and Cavitation

Valves and Pump Components that Resist Abrasion and Cavitation

Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) recently trademarked three product names for our reciprocating pump valves and components. These valves and extension rods, all of which meet ASTM and ISO 9001-2015 standards, feature names derived from various origins with significant meanings related to their features and applications.

Below is a closer look at the meanings behind three of our newly trademarked products.

CavPack™ Valve Set

TPCI’s standard CavPack™ valve set uses the V7H and V7F  Durabla® valves (derived from the Latin term for “durable”) to address the issue of cavitation in reciprocating pumps.

img-durabla-model-V7F-2-300x200On the suction side, the lightly loaded spring on the V7H valve allows as much fluid into the chamber as possible and the heavily loaded spring on the V7F valve allows for maximum output by the plunger pump. This combination is the most effective valve set-up for Low Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) applications (where plunger pumps are starved of incoming fluid on the suction side) thus helping to reduce one of the most common causes of cavitation and resulting in improved pump efficiency.

Resista™ Abrasion Resistant (AR) ValveAR-VALVE-X-300x200

Derived from the Spanish word “resistente,” meaning strong, tough, and resistant, the Resista™” abrasion-resistant (AR) valves are just that. Designed to be used in environments with fluid containing abrasive materials or small solids under high pressures, these valves are ideal for applications enduring heavy wear.

DynaRod™ Extension (Pony) Rods

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 5.19.40 PMOur “DynaRod™” pony rod name is derived from the Greek word “dynamis,” which means power. These extension (pony) rods are made of the highest quality stainless steel  coated in Colmonoy® (or other exotic metals upon request) for improved performance, durability, and life expectancy.

For nearly a century, TPCI’s reciprocating pump valves, plungers, packing, and extension rods have built a reputation of durability, resistance, and power. Today, we are proud to trademark product names that will help us tell the story of our enduring tradition of quality. To learn more about our CavPack™ valve set, Resista™ AR valve, DynaRod™ extension rod and the rest of our product offerings, check out our products today.

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