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Schneider Wins Several 2017 Product of the Year Awards

Schneider Electric

Winners of the 2017 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year Awards have been announced, with Schneider Electric winning several awards!


SchneiderThe 2017 Product of the Year for Most Valuable Product was Awarded to Schneider Electric for their Premset Medium-voltage switchgear

Premset incorporates a Shield Solid Insulation System (2SIS) to enhance robustness, protection, and flexibility of medium-voltage switchgear. The 2SIS system encases every current-carrying conductor in dielectric epoxy and shields that epoxy with a grounded conductor to offer unprecedented safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Premset minimizes the risk of internal arc flash and prevents phase-to-phase faults by ground-shielding each individual phase. The circuit breaker and isolation switch are positive-indicated and interlocked to prevent access to live compartments. Maintenance is reduced due to better environmental protection for the current-carrying portions and complete encasement of the circuit breaker and isolation switch.


SchneiderThe 2017 Product of the Year for Software (Design, Modeling, Analysis) was Awarded to Schneider Electric for their BIM plug-in for Autodesk Revit

LayoutFAST is an intelligent plug-in for Autodesk Revit that makes it easier and faster to configure and insert products into projects. LayoutFAST supplies BIM managers, design engineers, and contractors with everything they need to design and specify complete electrical systems. LayoutFAST allows users to select and place products into designs from within Revit and configure them to meet project requirements. It also provides a library of electrical products updated in real time from the cloud to ensure current information is used in the design process. LayoutFAST enables users to share files and models, helping to drive collaboration and speed the development process.


SchneiderThe 2017 Product of the Year for BAS, Controls, Energy Management was Awarded to Schneider Electric for their Building system support service

Connected Services helps facility leaders maximize their buildings through a condition-based, proactive maintenance approach that effectively combines actionable information, expert advice, and advanced technology to keep building systems operating at peak performance. Connected Services includes new and enhanced capabilities that create a network between facility teams and Schneider Electric’s experts to deliver a range of proactive maintenance support for facilities professionals and engineers. Benefits include digital connectivity that ensures facilities are always monitored, better access to actionable information, expert advice/recommendations, increased system uptime due to faster resolution when possible, and skilled technicians equipped to focus on areas of greatest impact.


SchneiderThe 2017 Product of the Year for Electrical (Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Safety) was Awarded to Schneider Electric for their B-frame circuit breaker

The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker offers robust power protection in a compact size and easy installation. The 125-amp B-frame circuit breaker uses economical, thermal magnetic-sensing elements in each of the various one-, two-, three- and four-pole construction types. Designed to be flexible, it offers a unique integrated DIN rail and traditional back-pan mounting capabilities without extra adapter brackets. The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker features EverLink creep-compensating lug technology. This patented, spring-based power-terminal system ensures a lasting connection by mitigating the loosening effects of heat cycling or vibration. The lugs are UL-listed for use directly with stranded and also fine-stranded wire up to Class K.


SchneiderThe 2017 Product of the Year for Emergency, Onsite, Standby Power was Awarded to Schneider Electric for their Large-facility UPS

The Galaxy VX UPS is an easy-to-deploy power-protection solution with flexible operating modes that supports efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in large facilities, data centers, and industrial applications. The UPS offers advanced electrical features that result in excellent power conditioning, input power-factor correction, and high power efficiency. Its flexible operating modes optimize the efficiency of information technology environments. Through the highly efficient Double Conversion Mode, Galaxy VX reduces switching losses using a four-level conversion technology. The reduced switching stress offers greater reliability and a reduction in failure rates. Galaxy VX offers a traditional Eco Mode, which delivers up to 99% efficiency.

Congrats to everyone at Schneider Electric!



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