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The Proco ProFlex™ 711/731 Check Valves


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It’s incredibly important that valves at headwall outfalls remain 100% operational to avoid flooding. Metal flap gates are notorious for malfunctions and it can sometimes be difficult to avoid this from happening. Natural forces can easily rust, bind, or seize the gates flaps causing them to remain open. Sand or debris are also troublesome as it can be caught in the gate, again, hindering it from closing. Once a rising tide or water elevation change submerges these open gates, it’s very likely that manholes and pipes will flood, causing unwanted hazards and costly maintenance. Proco has a quick and cost-effective solution to this; the ProFlex™ low slope double check valve! 

The Proco ProFlex™ 711/731 are uniquely designed check valves which have a low slope for ensuring 100% drainage of standing water, even with very low head pressure. It’s specifically manufactured to provide exceptional drainage on preexisting lines like manholes, vaults, CSOs and outfalls. The flange style 711 model has optional drilling patterns to match flange specification or even custom head wall drilling. The slip-on style 731 model easily slips over the outside diameter of a pipe. This also includes stainless steel clamps for securing the valve to the pipe. The design and function of the ProFlex™ 711/731 is minimalistic and yet ingenious in its implementation. As water starts trickling, the bottom of the valve naturally opens and as pressure increases the valve opens more, eventually opening to full port. This is possible due to the elegant slope design engineered to provide the optimum release of pressure as it’s required. Its efficient design means it’s cost-effective to install and maintain. In fact, there’s zero maintenance at all and you can expect a 35 to 50 year life expectancy. 

The ProFlex™ valves utilize neoprene rubber making it extremely durable and resistant. This protects against the enduring troubles such as barnacles and algae. It’s also fire retardant and resistant to abrasive slurries. And, of course, doesn’t rust like other metal made alternatives! The sloping bottom allows installation to take place very close to the ground, making potentially troublesome installations easy and hazard free. Both models come in many sizes all the way from small drain pipes up to large seashore requirements, all with the same benefits and reliability. The ProFlex™ 711/731 is a game changer! Not only does it provide many cost savings and maintenance benefits but it also allows for previously difficult installations and troublesome scenarios to be handled quickly and efficiently. 

Learn more about the Proco ProFlex™ low slope double check valve! 


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