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Empowering Industry Podcast

Where Protecting Life and Innovation Engineering Connect With Brad Baumann

Where Protecting Life and Innovation Engineering Connect

Charli had the opportunity to sit down with Brad Baumann this week.

His journey started with a small military defense company for nearly 13 years, of which, he attended evening classes to complete his mechanical engineering degree. After several years and a couple “two-time championships” courses, Brad graduated from Oklahoma State University with my BSME in the fall of 2019. His professional work experience and drive for innovation led him to OsecoElfab, or “OE” for short. OE is a pressure intelligence company with an extensive background in rupture disc technology and pressure relief solutions. In all his professional development, safety and protection has been a priority. Whether it’s working teaching EOD technicians to diffuse inert training aides or ensuring plant operators within the industry are protected from the equipment they use; Brad’s interest is aligned to protecting and saving lives.

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