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Empowering Industry Podcast

Today’s Essential Building Blocks for Effective Integration and Communication With Jeremy Drury

Today's Essential Building Blocks for Effective Integration and Communication with Jeremy Drury

Charli has Jeremy Drury on this week, some listeners may remember Jeremy from Reliable Plant.

During the 2010’s, Jeremy served as President of IoT Diagnostics, a Midwestern Industrial IoT company that focused primarily on sensors and predictive maintenance on the factory floor. His hardware and software included monitoring of pumps, fluid health, filtration, lubrication, and more for both Fortune level companies and regional businesses. He is most passionate about trying to simplify the mess that is Industrial IoT and help customers and vendors alike make the best decisions inside a world of confusing jargon, empty-promises, and never-ending pilot projects. Jeremy’s a long-time IoT partner and vocal leader within Noria’s Reliable Plant family and has also spoken and been featured in more than 25 conferences and magazines. While no longer serving full-time in the Industrial IoT space, Jeremy remains active in the conversation with customers and providers, as he painstakingly continues to bridge those worlds together.

Beyond the IoT sector, Jeremy spends his days serving as a Client Leader for BHDP Architecture, helping his industry partners navigate the complexities of the modern workplace and workforce with #designforpeople.

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