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Empowering Industry Podcast

The Journey to an Inspirational Life with Barbie the Welder

The Journey to an Inspirational Life with Barbie the Welder

This week Charli sits down with a truly inspirational person, Barbie the Welder.  After training for five years to learn the art of welding and fabrication and earning her Journeyman in sheet metal and iron plate, Barbie quit her job on September 1, 2014, to pursue her greatest passion, metal sculpture. Although Barbie had extensive training from fellow welders and fabricators at the company she worked for, her art is completely self-taught. With her unparalleled sculpture design and artistry, Barbie has quickly become a world-renowned metal sculptor and has created sculptures for Miller Welders, Carolina Shoe Company, Weiler Abrasives, Harley Davidson, Chicago Pneumatic, and other major corporations, small businesses, and exclusive clients in 15 countries.

Not only does Barbie love to create she also loves teaching. Her YouTube channel, Barbie The Welder, which is viewed by subscribers in 53 countries, is a wealth of information for artists and entrepreneurs alike. In Barbie’s easy-going style she shares step-by-step videos on how to create a wide variety of metal sculptures and sound entrepreneur advice.

In addition to teaching metal art creation through her YouTube channel, she has also written three books on the subject.

In her first book Horseshoe Crafts, Barbie takes you through thirty welding projects using only horseshoes with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures sharing each step.

Barbie’s second book, How To Weld Silverware Animals, she teaches you step-by-step how to create 30 animals from land, sea, and air.

In her third book, How To Weld Scrap Metal Art, Barbie shares 30 fun and easy welding projects including a wine rack, dog, bulldozer, rose, scorpion, key chains, and many more using only repurposed materials.

Barbie’s fourth book, The Inspiration Blueprint, she shares how she went from welfare to a world-renowned metal sculptor by creating a picture of her perfect life, an Inspiration Blueprint, and how you too can design and create a life that you love as you follow her step by step plan to making your own blueprint.

Book five, Honor Thy Art, How To Be An Extremely Successful Artist, it’s for the professional artist who has work that should be seen by the world. Barbie teaches step-by-step how to build a worldwide brand, how to attract raving fans, how to find and work with dream clients, and take the necessary steps to become legendary!

Barbie lives in Erin, NY where she continues to pursue her greatest passion, pouring her heart and soul into the metal that she sculpts into one-of-a-kind sculptures for her clients all over the world!

Find Barbie’s social media @BarbieTheWelder and LinkedIn
Browse her books on Amazon or Check out her Etsy shop or Her Youtube Channel
Interview @ 4:28

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