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Empowering Industry Podcast

Social Media Basics and the Importance of Flow Analysis with Ben Keiser

This week, Charli and Bethany discuss getting back to the basics of social media and tips for success including our top 5 tips for creating quality social media content.

Then Charli interviews Ben Keiser, Applied Flow Technology’s Technical Sales Consultant.

Ben is the technical education face of AFT, and can be found teaching many of AFT’s technical seminars and webinars as well as leading Lunch & Learn presentations. Ben is also a consistent editorial contributor for a variety of publications where he enhances engineer’s knowledge of how to properly utilize – and benefit from – flow analysis software. Prior to joining AFT, Ben worked as a contract engineer for Eaton Corporation and WellbornYX Corporation. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering (2009) from Colorado School of Mines. Ben’s favorite client training is the classes he holds with NASA, because just being at NASA is amazing. In his spare time, he spends time with his lovely wife (Marsha) and enjoys archery.

Ben’s Information:
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