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Empowering Industry Podcast

Lessons Learned from a 40-Year Career in Asset Management with Cliff Williams

This week, Charli and Bethany talk about #100HappyDays and how it relates to Thanksgiving.

Then Charli interviews Cliff Williams, the Principal Advisor at Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability. In his interview, Cliff details how he got into the industry, how people are a valuable asset, and how important the human aspect is to maintenance & reliability.

Interview starts at 21 minutes.

From Cliff:
I have been lucky enough to be involved in the upsurge of Asset Management since the creation of ISO 5500X and all that it brings to the better way of operating. Through working with many different Municipalities and utilities it has been fascinating to see that the challenges are still the same as I have experienced over the decades of working to improve maintenance and reliability practices – Leadership, People and so Culture!

I have had the pleasure of being involved in maintenance and with maintenance people for a number years. From apprentice to the ‘exalted’ position of corporate maintenance manager and every step in between and I have a confession to make. The machinery I have met along the way, whilst impressive, has been forgetable. The people I have met …. well – the good the bad and I’m sorry to say the ugly, are what I remember. They are the ones who made my life interesting, rewarding and from a career perspective, successful. As we talk about the techniques and tools available to maintenance managers, let’s not forget the best two – the human brain and human initiative. I firmly believe if you can cultivate those two – the rest is easy. My goal is to make sure everyone believes this so if you want a different perspective or if you share this perspective – get in touch.

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