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Empowering Industry Podcast

Inspired by Mining Life With Jess Scanlan

EIP Working Smart With Jess Scanlan (2)

This week on the Empowering Industry Podcast, join Charli as she engages in an insightful conversation with Jess Scanlan.

Jess Scanlan is a rock loving geologist turned social media marketer. Her degree is in Geological Engineering from Montana Tech in Butte, Montana, with an emphasis in mining and a minor in geophysics. While living in Butte she discovered a passion for the mining industry, its rough history, and its bright future. During her time working at the Stillwater Mine in Montana, she continued to develop this enthusiasm for the industry, and began creating content to share it with others through social media. After a case of career burnout, she turned her whole career around and took a job as the Head of New Media for a mining based tech company, Prospector. In what spare time she has between work, travel, and her two dogs, she runs her own hard hat sticker company (Mine Design Creations) and is starting small social media management and content business for industrial companies.

Social Media Links:
LinkedIn: @JessJScanlan,
Instagram: @minelifemediallc,
TikTok: @minelifemediallc,
Twitter: @minelifemt,
YouTube: @minelifemediallc,


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