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Empowering Industry Podcast

How to Partner with Schools to Answer Your Manufacturing Labor Shortage With Matt Guse

Manufacturing Labor Shortage With Matt Guse

This week Charli and Bethany talk about the lessons Charli learned from being in business for 10 years.

Then Charli interviews Matt Guse, thePresident of M.R.S. Machining Co., Inc., all about how he partners with his local high school to help solve the manufacturing labor shortage for his company and how other manufacturing companies could do the same thing.

[Interview Starts at 26:00]
Watch this episode on YouTube.

Matt Guse is President of M.R.S. Machining Co., Inc. Matt Guse and his wife Vicki own M.R.S. Machining Co., Inc. was started by his father in 1986 in his garage. Matt has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years.

Matt has also been very active in his community by serving on his local school board, he is a licensed official for both football and basketball, and serves on the Chippewa Valley Technical College Machine Tool Advisory board. Matt Guse also was part of the startup of Cardinal Manufacturing at the Eleva-Strum school by donating equipment. He continues to donate his time and expertise to this great educational opportunity on a regular basis. He is keenly interested in developing new talent and ideas for the manufacturing industry and created two patents for cutting tools that he himself developed. | email:

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