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Empowering Industry Podcast

From Tech School to Global Leadership With Kerby Pope

From Tech School to Global Leadership With Kerby Pope

Join host Charli K. Matthews for an insightful discussion with Kerby Pope, President/General Manager of Patterson Pump Company, on this week’s Empowering Industry Podcast.

Kerby shares his unique career journey from tech school to global leadership in the pump industry. Gain valuable perspective on leadership, company culture, empowering teams, and navigating acquisitions.

Kerby offers honest advice for pump professionals looking to advance their careers and make an impact. Learn how he developed his leadership style through challenging experiences and self-reflection.

You’ll also hear Kerby’s thoughts on the future of the pump industry, the importance of community involvement, and how he stays grounded despite his success.

Kerby officially began his journey as President and General Manager on January 1, 2020. Two months later the world began down a crazy and uncharted path with an epidemic known as Covid. Kerby adds that since then “the experience has been priceless”. “It is truly unique to live and manage a manufacturing business in a time that has not been experienced before.”

Kerby is quick to point out that he does not have the typical background of a person who holds the title of President in this industry. “I respect the people that do as well as the people that I have worked alongside with on my journey to get here”, says Kerby.

“I am proof that there is no glass ceiling and that diligence along with excellence in persistence can excel you further than what you think you are capable of. It took a lot of faith to achieve the position that I currently hold. Each day is a blessing, and I don’t consider this as “my achievement”. Working in the presence of a lot of good and experienced people is priceless. Having a family that supports what you do and the decisions you make is irreplaceable. To me, being able to lead is more about your experience of serving others and how to make that effective in all that you do. You can’t do this alone, and you cannot be effective without a strong connection to the people around you.”

This podcast is sponsored by Electro Static Technology AEGIS®, AW Chesterton, and SEPCO Inc.

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