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Empowering Industry Podcast

Finding Your Passion & Looking to the Future with Industry Veteran Mike Lassas

Mike Lassas on Empowering Industry Podcast Industry Veteran

This week, Charli and Bethany discuss tips to create a lead-generating website as outlined in the Empowering Brands article written by Cieana Detloff.

Then Charli interviews Mike Lassas, President of Proco Products, Inc.

Mike was born and raised in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota receiving a degree in Sales & Marketing in 1986. He proudly served in the United States Navy from 1987 – 1991. Mike joined Proco Products in October 1994 as an Inside Sales/Customer Service Representative and was then promoted to Assistant Marketing /Advertising Manager in May 2000. Another promotion came in June of 2002 when he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager. Mike became a Proco Shareholder on January 1, 2008 and at that time was appointed as Vice President, Administration. Then he became the President of the company in May 2019.

Mike’s Information:

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And until then, be empowering!

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