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Empowering Industry Podcast

Finding America’s Greatest Champion with Terry Iverson

This week Charli and Bethany talk with Empowering team member Bekah all about advocacy marketing – what it is, what the benefits are, and how to implement it.

Then Charli interviews Terry Iverson, CEO of Iverson & Company, Founder of a 501(C3) CHAMPIONNow!, and author of Finding America’s Greatest Champion.

Terry’s Bio & Links:

In 1980 I started working for my family’s machine tool distributorship. I have the awesome opportunity to work with and sell machine tool solutions to some of the most advanced manufacturers in the country. Over the last 40 years I have learned a great deal about the current state of lack of skilled workers in the machining and manufacturing world. This led me to get involved in technical education for over 25 years.




Resources and Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

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