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Empowering Industry Podcast

Bonus Episode: Personal and Professional Development with Dr. Barbara Swinney

EB-Q32021-twitter-eip-bonus barbara swinney

On this bonus episode, Charli interviews Dr. Barbara Swinney, Life and Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer at The DEEPER Leader Institute for Personal and Professional Development. They talk about the importance of focusing inward and finding your values helps you lead.

Dr. Swinney will also be speaking at the Empowering Pumps Leadership Summit on August 30.

Watch this episode on YouTube.

An educational leader of more than 25 years, Dr. Swinney has served teachers, students, parents, business leaders, and communities in her role as a classroom teacher, principal, and Assistant Superintendent.  Using a holistic approach to leadership, Dr. Swinney has been able to help a number of leaders increase their leadership capacity, increase their influence, and improve their bottom line.

She is a John Maxwell Certified Life and Holistic Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer, Speaker, and Author of “It’s Always DEEPER: Six Steps to Achieving Perpetual Success” and “Leading the DEEPER Way:  Six Steps to Holistic Leadership, and DEEPER Women Teach-Anthology Project.  She is also a co-author of “The Miseducation of the Alpha Woman” and has been featured in several publications.

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