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Empowering Industry Podcast

Bonus Episode: Cieana Detloff on Essential Workers in the June Issue

On this special bonus episode of the podcast Charli interviews the Editor of Empowering Pumps & Equipment, Cieana Detloff, about the focus of the June issue of the magazine.

Short bio:
Cieana Detloff is a Content Director and Editor for Empowering Pumps & Equipment™, a Marketing Strategist for Empowering Brands, and a co-organizer of the Empowering Women in Industry annual conference. She went from being a client to joining the organization in 2014. Having previously worked 9 years in the pump aftermarket as a manager of a marketing and creative services department, Detloff has a multi-faceted skill set that helps people find excitement in the world of pumps and related equipment industries. She has ghost-written articles for many large and mid-sized companies and works with Empowering Brands to provide value to industry professionals.

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