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Empowering Industry Podcast

Bonus Episode: A Conversation on Racial Injustice in America with Candace Reese Walters

We want to acknowledge the deep pain and heartache that is being felt across our country and the world right now due to racial injustice, and we can’t do this without acknowledging the same heartache, fear and inequality that people of color have felt for centuries.

This week Charli got on a zoom call with Candace Reese Walters that we recorded and published through our Empowering Women Locally Channel. It’s an unedited discussion between two women, two moms, two entrepreneurs discussing racial injustice in America and what we can do about it.

Over the past week, our staff has been gathering resources that we have found helpful in educating ourselves on racial inequality, how to be strong allies to fight systemic injustices, and resources to help the marginalized. Here is that link:

Candace’s information:
Instagram: @crw_choosesjoy

Connect with us:



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And until then, be empowering!

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