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Empowering Industry Podcast

B2B Marketing and Why it is Critical to Business Success with Deepak Sivanandan

B2B marketing with Deepak Sivanandan

This week Charli and Bethany talk about what you need to know about your customer and why that knowledge is so important for marketing.

Then Charli interviews Deepak Sivanandan, thSenior Director and Head of Global Marketing at Flowserve Corporation. They discuss how ‘good marketers’ in the industry, find success through learning about their customer, communicating with the sales team, and understanding all aspects of the business.  Then they look at the impact having a good marketing strategy can make on your business.

Deepak started his career as a mechanical engineer who discovered his passion for marketing while earning his MBA. His engineering background coupled with his deep understanding of how B2B marketing works, is what makes him stand out as a thought leader in the industry.

As the Head of Global Marketing at Flowserve, he leads a team responsible for corporate marketing strategy. Most recently, he led the strategy and development and launched the global IoT program, RedRaven, building an opportunity pipeline of $25M.

Interview starts at @ 23:30

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