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Empowering Industry Podcast

42 Years of Engine Experience with Pat Bussie

EB-Q22021-twitter-eip-57 Pat Bussie

This week Charli and Bethany tell you how to use social media polls effectively to build your brand.

Then Charli interviews Pat Bussie, Vice President for Business Development at Fairbanks Morse Defense. They discuss his 42 year career with the company from starting as an apprentice, to how taking care of the customer led to successful strategic decisions for the company.  After Pat’s interview, there is a special guest clip from Fairbanks Morse Defense’s CEO, George Whittier.

Watch this episode on YouTube.

Interview Starts at 23:35.

Mr. Bussie has 42 years of experience with large medium-speed diesel engines used in the marine, stationary and nuclear industry with over 30 years of experience working on US government programs (Navy, MSC & USCG) involving engine sales, engine installation and commissioning, and engine service.  He has additional experience in engine ABS Naval Vessel Rules (NVR) Qualification testing, MIL-S-901E Shock testing, Program Management, Business Development and Engine Licensing.
Pat Bussie’s LinkedIn
George Whittier’s LinkedIn

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