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MDM, Inc. Launches New Website


MDM Pumps, a specialist in modern pump manufacturing based in Colorado Springs, has officially launched a new website. They are excited to announce the updated site along with their new and improved logo.

Features of the site include an average cost savings calculator, which provides fascinating insight about opportunities to save money with MDM Pumps over competing equipment. MDM offers pumps for both residential and industrial use.

You can view some of their commercial and industrial projects. From Industrial Desalination and Brine Management to Aquarium Life Support Systems, they have some very niche expertise in the industry worth learning about.

Lifewater is a non-profit organization that MDM has been involved with since day one. You can also  learn more about this organization on the site.  The clean water charity was created with the belief that clean, safe water is essential for life and total well-being and they are working to provide safe water to communities around the world.

Another new feature is their PUMP-FLO® Pump Selection tool which is designed to help you find the right pump for your specific application. You can learn more about this software off-site. With new ecommerce functionality, you can now purchase any of their products online directly from MDM Inc.

Head over to https://mdminc.com/ and check out the new website and social media channels.


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