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Add Periodic Inspection & Evaluation to Your Pump Maintenance Plan


Contributor: Leistritz

Instead of waiting for your pumps to exhibit warning signs or come to a complete halt, consider scheduling a pump evaluation within two years of purchase. When you work with the Leistritz Service Department, we can help you properly evaluate and maintain your pumps to help you secure a safe and high-quality operation.

What is involved in a typical pump evaluation?

Working with Leistritz, our certified technicians will witness the pump in operation to make sure there are no warning signs or possible internal wear or damage. Our field experts suggest replacement and/or spare parts to ensure your pump continues to run properly. The main objective of any periodic inspection plan is to maximize service life and reduce equipment downtime, which can result in costly repairs.

If you would like to train your in-house team on what to look for, the Leistritz Service department also offers on-site technical and maintenance training. Leistritz prides itself on excellent after-sales service and support. We cover all of the products that we sell with start-up services, technical assistance, spare parts and repairs. Pumps can be repaired in any of our local authorized service facilities or our team of highly qualified Service Technicians can travel to your site.

In addition to on-site proactive evaluations, performed almost anywhere in the world, Leistritz offers customized service contracts to help you maintain your equipment and keep it operating at peak performance.

For more information, contact Ken Doyle at 201-258-3764 or service@leistritzcorp.com.


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