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Advance your career with a professional certification! As the industry continues to move toward energy efficiency, pumping systems are going to be a major component of this effort. As the Hydraulic Institute has pointed out on several occasions, pumping systems account for approximately 40% of the energy used in most industrial facilities. For this reason, it is critical that we train professionals to assess pumping systems, to identify opportunities for pump system optimization, and to empower them to take actions that result in the reduction of emissions and energy usage.

“The PSAP certification program, launched by the Hydraulic Institute, is a program designed to create a larger body of pump system assessors,” explains Jennifer K. Muir, P.E., Founder and President of JKMuir and newly-appointed board member to Pump Systems Matter (PSM). Having operated a successful engineering and energy consulting firm since 2008, Jennifer K. Muir, P.E., was invited by Pump Systems Matter, the not-for-profit educational arm of the Hydraulic Institute, to co-author the exam questions for the PSAP certification program along with William C. Livoti. Muir and Livoti are the recognized subject-matter experts in this specific area of pump system optimization.

“The goal with the PSAP certification program is to verify that pump system professionals have the experience and expertise to perform high-quality assessments which will lead to more energy efficient and reliable pumping systems,” declares Muir. “And we are challenging everyone involved with the design, operation, and maintenance of pumping systems to get PSAP Certified!”

This certification comes at a time when so many of our skilled workers are retiring and taking their experiential knowledge with them. Right now, there are only about seven *certified* Pump Systems Assessment Professionals in the country. Individuals who have become certified are with Armstrong Fluid Technology, Essity, Flowserve, Hazen & Sawyer, and two of them are on staff at JKMuir.

The certification exam is designed to measure knowledge and skills in these critical areas: hydraulic systems behavior and its effect on energy, reliability, and productivity; pump performance characteristics and their relationship to overall system operation; identification, qualification, and quantification methods for estimating potential cost savings; process and equipment data collection and analysis techniques; analysis tools to conduct and manage pump system assessments; reporting and documenting results to build a business case.

If you have any questions about how to become a certified Pump Systems Assessment Professional, Contact Jen. You are also invited to Test Your Knowledge  or Download this Study guide from the Hydraulic System website!



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