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Industry Trailblazer – Janet Jessen

Janet Jessen

While we celebrate during Women’s History Month, our team continues to shine a spotlight on current trailblazers in industry. Meet Janet Jessen! Janet went from being a Vice President of Global Marketing, Innovation and Engineering with Garlock Sealing Technologies to become the President of her own Consulting, Marketing, and Business Development company in 2013.

Leading a successful company, she thinks back upon her humble beginnings…”For me, foreign language was the key. I had been hired because of my proficiency in Spanish to work with customers in Latin America. Within 2 years, I had traveled to every country in Latin America and was training customers and distributors on the Science of Sealing,” shares Janet.

I am most proud of being a marketer who eventually led a large customer-focused engineering team as well as a marketing team.  I am also very proud of launching my own consulting business, which as a second career has become the most satisfying part of my work life.

When asked about her hopes for the next generation of women leaders, Janet declared,
I hope that eventually there will be no distinction made between women leaders and men leaders. We need to get to the point where we are simply building great leaders. Period. In the meantime, I hope women leaders will feel very free to use their inherent gifts to their fullest potential without ever feeling like they have to conform to a code or a role.”
Thank you, Janet, for being a great role model, not just during Women’s History Month, but every day!
You can connect with Janet Jessen through LinkedIn or use the comments to send a message!


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