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Thought Leader. Fluid Sealing Pro. Lover of Life. Henri Azibert Announces Retirement and Starts a New Chapter!

Henri Azibert on a motorcycle trip across the Alps

Author: Charli K. Matthews

When Henri told me he was retiring, I fought back my first gut reaction of grief and loss, knowing full well that ‘retirement’ does not necessarily equate to ‘disappearing’. The only time Henri is known to disappear is when he is on a motor cycle adventure across the Swiss Alps or off building a small timber frame structure in the Caribou Mountains. No, Henri Azibert will not disappear! Only start a new chapter in this next phase of his well-lived life.

Henri has achieved so much – having invented over 30 patents (one of which forever changed the way fully split mechanical seals are manufactured), served on the advisory board of the Texas A&M Pump Symposium, and led as a past Vice President of the Fluid Sealing Association.

As Henri announced his retirement at the annual Fluid Sealing Association meeting this week in Pittsburgh, I couldn’t help but feel so honored that this incredibly talented man, who spent 33 years as the Chief Technology Officer at A.W. Chesterton Company and an Innovation and Technology Consultant at Camtrack LLC since 2014, has been one of Empowering Pumps & Equipment’s most revered Industry Pros. Even though Henri would most humbly acknowledge his editorial contributions as “cogitations and ponderings”, we call him what he is – a Thought Leader (for those of you in the engineering world… Subject Matter Expert).

Henri has contributed so many articles over the years, on a range of topics – everything from leaks, energy savings, and reliability programs to issues around water, infrastructure, and safety. We have been so lucky that Henri chose to share his knowledge with our Community – and we look forward to continuing that relationship. Henri has already promised to share an article around STEM next month and then in December, one on ‘aging workforce’ – though he comments, “…not from the standpoint of those left behind, but from a perspective of one leaving.”

Henri, we know you are not leaving us behind – you are taking us with you on your next adventure. We thank you for that, and we look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of your next chapter!

Henri Azibert at FSA 2019 Fall Meeting

Posted by Empowering Pumps & Equipment on Wednesday, October 23, 2019


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