Discover Reliability Facts; Rethink Old Assumptions [On-Demand Webinar]

Maintenance & Reliability
On-Demand Webinar with Heinz Bloch about Optimized Equipment Lubrication, Oil Mist Technology and Storage Preservation

Discover Reliability Facts; Rethink Old Assumptions [On-Demand Webinar]

In this 55-minute on-demand webinar with professional engineer, pump industry expert, and esteemed author, Heinz P. Bloch, viewers will be challenged to think about better ways to maintain pumps and equipment, with an emphasis on identifying and cost-justifying process pump upgrades.

Throughout this presentation, he touches upon important concepts covered in his book, “Optimized Equipment Lubrication, Oil Mist Technology, and Storage Preservation”, which was co-authored by Don Ehlert and Fred K. Geitner. Their book addresses lubrication issues from the vantage point of three experts with well over 130 years of the combined experience. Their laser-sharp focus is on optimally applying lubricant to all kinds of ‘general purpose’ machines. These include process pumps, electric motors, and other equipment incorporating rolling element bearings where traditional methods are usually very much out-of-step with best available practices. Because oil mist lubrication and large scale oil mist preservation are extensively used by best-of-class (BoC) user companies, these BoCs have long profited from high asset reliability and unparalleled maintenance cost avoidance. In addition to giving previously unavailable statistics, the book describes the methods and procedures employed in these successful pursuits as well as many cost justification calculations used by BoCs.

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